About me

At the inquisitive age of three years old, his great-grandmother handed him a Kodak disposable camera after asking “what’s that?”.  That day sparked a whole new world for Diallo, earning him the nickname “Gordon Parks” given to him by his father for always having a camera on his person.  Growing ever stronger with time, Diallo has established himself as a talented Professional Photographer. Shooting with both digital and film cameras, he uses his creative mind to cultivate an individual look for his clients to Bewitch their following . Growing more talented each day, he aims to create a name for himself in the future as one of the worlds premier photographers. Shooting under his mentor Kina Wicks, he learned various elements of photography that pushed his creativity and understanding of what makes a shot timeless and beautiful. Diallo has dreams of his works being shown to and around the world, he knows that with hard work he will accomplish his goal.



Diallo Wilson
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 Utilizing themes or subjects from art, film, television and politics, Diallo works with clients to create art for eye catching images for marketing and commercial purposes.


Diallo Wilson shoots in the photojournalists style learned from his mentor Kina wicks (professional Wedding Photographer). Making timeless and beautiful moments for families to enjoy forever.

Commercial -

From MMA gyms to concert venues, Diallo shows his professional judgment and insight to provide businesses with the desired look from the image. As well as throwing his own flair into each image. Furthermore, he shoots with bloggers to give them high quality images for social media and growth with positive re-branding for higher engagement.